Electric Multifunction Panel: CO2 Control, Lighting, Fan, Air renewal with speed control, Heating, Humidifier – Dehumidifier and Irrigation

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Single-Phase. Self-extinguishing IP65 panel with leds synoptic descriptive function.

PROTECTION: Breakers and contactors.

CO2 CONTROLLER: CO2 sensor that open or close the supply valve under CO2 day. Measurement through a probe NPRI (0-5000 ppm) High reliability and maintenance free.

LIGHTING CONTROLLER: Programming GROWTH / BLOOM through digital programmer. Green LED (on), with connection terminals. Growth / bloom Cover button.

AIR RENEWAL CONTROLLER: Manual or automatic speed control, depending on the desired temperature (DAY AND NIGHT). Data provided with internal and external temperature probe. Green LED indicator(on) with plugs wardrobes. MANUAL / AUTOMATIC Cover button.

FAN CONTROLLER: Automatic through digital programmer, 5 daily programs. Green LED (on) and connection with plugs wardrobes.

HEATING CONTROLLER: The heater is turned on by lack of desired temperature (day / night) detected by the internal probe. Green led indicator(on) and plugs wardrobes.

IRRIGATION CONTROLLER: Automatic digital programmer via 10 daily programs. Green LED indicator (on) and connected with plugs wardrobes. Button cap STOP-MANUAL-AUTO.

HUMIDIFIER-DEHUMIDIFIER CONTROLLER: Automatic that turns the humidifier and dehumidifier depending on the desired humidity in growth and flowering and data received by a moisture probe. The top button GROWTH / BLOOM changes the data supplied from light and moisture.

Introduction and modification of parameters is done through the same programmer or a computer via a simple program supplied with USB connection.