INDOOR NOVATEC electrical panels offer an integral solution for indoor cultivation, providing technical solutions that allow the creation of an unbeatable environment for the growth and flowering of indoor plants.

Its easy handling, make them suitable for all customers, regardless of their technical knowledge.

Our technical service provides solutions, which allow to adapt to the needs of each client and offers technical and personalized advice.

The range of products integrate all the modalities of indoor cultivation, from the simplest, to the most technically complex.


  • Timer control of the lights.
  • Timer control of the ventilation.
  • Temperature control by digital thermostat with probes. The thermostat activates a heating system in case of lack of temperature and varies the speed of the extractors or activates an air conditioning system (if it admits external regulation), in case of excess temperature.
  • Control of the ambient humidity by digital humidistat with probes. The humidistat activates a humidification system, in case of lack of humidity and a dehumidification system, in case of excess humidity.
  • CO2 level control with high quality probes (0-5,000 ppm) for high durability and reliability.
  • Control by watering timer, activating an electrovalve that can operate at 220 V or 24 V.

INDOOR NOVATEC offers quality, efficiency and service at the most competitive prices. Our company is distinguished by its flexibility, which allows it to adapt to the needs of each client. For any queries contact our technical and commercial service.
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INDOOR NOVATEC electric panels for indoor cultivation offer all the guarantees to enjoy safe installations. Our company, with more than 20 years of experience in the design and development of electrical panels, integrates all the safety requirements according to regulations:

  • DIFFERENTIAL: To protect people from electric shock.
  • MAGNETOTERMICOS: To protect the installation of overloads
  • CONTACTORS: In order to protect by overload, contactors are used to separate power from the maneuvers.
  • HALOGEN FREE CABLES: Our installations enjoy cables with a section suitable for each function, and halogen free, to prevent fires.
  • GROUNDING: All electrical panels are grounded.
  • MATERIALS MANDATORY: All components of the electrical panel are EU-approved and are high-end, which allows us to offer a 2 year warranty for all our products.